The goal when loading a self-storage unit is to safely load as many items into as little a space as possible.

When loading a storage unit, professional removal men firstly look for what is termed a “builder” (like a chest of drawers or washing machine). This acts as a base for other items to be loaded on top.

Next, they place boxes or light furniture on top until they have filled the wall space from floor to roof, then they start another line and so on.

Tips For Loading a Self-Storage Unit

Heavy items such as washing machines, pianos, wardrobes, chest of drawers, etc. are known as builders because of their sturdiness and heavy weight.

Where ever possible they should be placed at ground level as the weight may crush any item below.

Lighter items such as lightweight boxes, bags, golf bags or light furniture are known as fillers and can be placed on top of builders.

For example, you should not place a heavy box of books above a box of china or a heavy washing machine on top of a sofa.

Forbidden goods generally include: livestock, toxic goods, flammables, explosives, food items, plants and perishables. However different companies may forbid different things from being stored in their facility, so if in any doubt, it’s best to ask your storage company.

Tips For Loading a Self-Storage Unit

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