The main difference between self-storage units and containerized storage is that your goods are kept in an individual room or metal container and you are the only key holder. For this reason, self-storage customers generally feel a greater sense of privacy and security. They also have greater flexibility as they can come and go at any time within the storage company’s opening hours.

When using self-storage units, it’s a good idea to ensure you have an ample supply of covers for your furniture and other goods to protect all the items you place in your storage unit.

Units should generally be clean and dry; however, you should ensure that you cover the floor of the unit before packing goods into it.

Self-Storage Pros:

  • Easy and cost effective
  • You are the only key holder
  • Flexibility of being able to access your items when you want
  • Long and term contracts available

Self-Storage Cons:

  • Minimum storage period
  • Have to do the hard removal work yourself
  • Risk of damaging your furniture due to inexperience of carrying furniture
  • Storage companies are expensive to purchase supplies (e.g. boxes, tape etc.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to using self-storage facilities. Hopefully this has explained everything and helped you to decide what is best for your circumstances.

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