Packing is almost certainly the most stressful part of moving home or moving items into storage, so here are our top tips for making the process as simple and easy as possible.

  1. Mark on all boxes the box number, contents, room, fragile (if necessary) and using a marker pen, mark arrows showing “carry this way up” – ensure all boxes are packed tight with no rattles or noise to minimize the risk of any damage or breakage.
  2. Try to use smaller boxes for heavier items, with heavy articles placed at the bottom of the box. If filling boxes with books or DVD’s (etc.), only half fill and use cushions or towels to ensure the box isn’t too heavy. If you struggle to lift it, your mover will too!
  3. Place lamp shades into a bag and then into a box for increased protection to avoid damage.
  4. When packing a box, start by crumpling up a layer of paper on the base of the box for cushioning. Then place a flat layer of paper on top and carefully wrap items individually with paper or bubble wrap before placing them item into the box (remember to place breakables vertically and upside down). When you have a layer of items complete, make a second layer and repeat these steps.
  5. When disconnecting cables (from DVD’s, TV’s, etc.) it’s a clever idea to colour code or number the cable and corresponding port to ease reconnecting.
  6. Garden implements such as spades, rakes and brushes should be placed into a bin liner and taped or tied together with a cable tie. Lawnmowers should be drained of any fuel/oil for safe transit, and remember to protect forks or sharp ends with bubble wrap and tape.

So, now that you have our best tips for moving house, all we can say is: Good Luck!

However, if you want to avoid the packing process altogether, there is help at hand. You can apply here for a free quote on 5-star packing services.